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You carry a velvet heart
that’s afraid of everything,
and beats for nothing.

You carry a velvet heart;
delicate to the touch
and rough for the wallet.

You carry a velvet heart,
and I wear $9 dollar shirts,
my words fall like vomit
from my chapped lips,
while money and I are
no longer on speaking terms
since I chose truth over
a crooked life.

- take your velvet heart, I don’t want it - j.b.
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It’s a soft afternoon
and the sun is taking
too long to set.

My nose feels cold
from the wind and
the sand and every
organism that is
crawling around me.

As I walk away,
at last, the sun sets
and I feel sick
to my stomach.

I think about
all the friends,
family, heroes,
and dreams
that are gone forever.

When things end,
it tears me to pieces;
feelings that have disappeared—
people I have lost—
everything ends just like the sun
and it breaks my heart.

- endings break my heart - j.b.
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I let the wind

scatter cold sand

on dreadful nights that

I want buried in the past.

But my memories turn me

into an unfinished puzzle

and I despise myself

because I feel
like I’m not whole,
or even enough to survive.

I open up my heart

and I let it breathe;
it shivers because the wind

carries the scent

of everything I’ve ever loved,

and my heart can feel young—
for a few more minutes.

- a cold breeze - j.b.
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if i could cry, your writing would make me weep. thank you so much

No, thank you for reading. I appreciate all of you guys.

It’s funny being connected with a lot of people through nothing but written words.

People still read?! ;)

hi! i'm planning to start a novel. i have a general outline of the story, the characters and the setting, but i was wondering if perhaps you could give me some more tips or advice. i read through your work and i'm very impressed.

Write everyday.

Get to know people who will give you good feedback. (Return the favor later)

Do it because you love doing it. Every few pages, ask yourself, “Do I really want to tell this story? Am I bringing something original to the table?”

write a lot.

I read that F. Scott Fitzgerald said, every 100 pages he wrote, 99 would be shit and 1 would be great.

The Great Gatsby is around 130 pages (depending on your copy).

So, you would have to write (obviously a lot of it is editing and rewriting) 1,300 pages in order to have a masterful 130 page novel. Also, it means you would write the best book you had the talent to write. I’m just being silly with my formula to a successful novel.

But, it’s kind of true. Writing is a process; you have to start a few times, before you actually get comfortable doing it well.

Good luck, friend.

If I had to write down
some honest words,
I’d shatter into
a million pieces.

Everything inside of
me feels tense;
sometimes I feel like
my soul wants to
rip through my skin
but I keep pushing it
back into place.

There is no room
in this callous world
for sensitive hearts;
only a big wallet.

- I’m trying to loosen up - j.b.
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