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Take my heart
take my bones
take this skin— that
I’ve never felt attached to.

Oh, dear stranger,
how I long to be connected
to something beyond this world.
I stay up every night and ponder
my existence and this limited time
I was given; it can’t true that I have
just woken up 24 years ago because
I feel the dirt of history in my bones.

There must be something
that these transcends this human flesh
and meaningless thoughts.

- I found the dirt of history under my fingernails - j.b.
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The only truth
in this life is death
and how you manage
to carry that heavy shadow
without losing your will to live.

Everyone will try
to persuade you, one way
or another, because nobody is
comfortable in their own skin when they know it’s all temporary—
like a summer romance.

We all live in a cocoon that’s surrounded by a secure fog,
to blur out reality and all the misery
that would drive anyone mad,
but one day it will all be erased
by a soft ray of the Sun’s truth.

- the answer lies within - j.b.
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I stood by a dead ocean
and touched the water,
hoping to evolve into
something more peaceful —
like the rocks and sand
that laid by my feet.

Alone, I realized that
this might be it:
one sun
one moon
and a trillion stars.

Loneliness forces you
to love everything
that surrounds you
because there is
nothing else.

One sun, one moon;
I’ll give you my heart
if you promise to cherish it
with the lust that you have
for those trillion dead stars
that keep you in awe.

- One sun, one moon - j.b.
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Senseless heart
puzzled hands
and tired eyes.

I’m sorry,
I just don’t know
what to do anymore;
a moment like this
makes me wish
I was somebody else.

It breaks my heart

to look at anything

in this world.

- a shout into oblivion - j.b.
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You are seriously incredible! I am completely in love with your work. You are a huge inspiration to those like me, who still believe writing is one of the greatest and most touching ways to tell a story, to express our feelings, thoughts and emotions.. And to simply be humans. thank you for sharing a huge part of your work with this community. I myself love writing, but i don't consider myself good enough, but you my friend, you are amazing!

You guys are going to turn me into a tomato with all these compliments.

Thank you, I’m hoping to find some meaning out of all this stuff that I’ve been writing.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it

There’s an ongoing war
inside of my head;
there’s a continuous tennis match
echoing up and down
the corridors of my mind.

There’s so much trouble
inside of my soul that
a moment of silence
leaves me in tears.

- a moment alone - j.b.
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Omg I didn't even see that I made that mistake. Whenever I type really fast on my phone my phone sometimes deletes words randomly.

Haha it’s all good, I type on my phone all the time and make a million mistakes. My brain works faster than my hands — I always leave words .